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StruXure Outdoor Louvered Roofs & Pergolas

Do you dream of an outdoor space that is inviting and useable in more than just ideal weather conditions?

Consider StruXure Outdoor louvered deck & patio covers, or Pergolas.


They are extremely rugged, being hurricane rated if properly anchored, and can give you a view of the sky, stars and allow sunshine in, or can provide shade, a drip free environment in the rain, and keep some snow off your patio.

Combined with Phantom retractable wall screens, you can enclose the area to help keep bugs away, block the Sun from coming in underneath, provide privacy, reduce the breeze, and even lower the cost to heat or cool the area.

StruXure covers can be built to cover pretty much any area.  A single zone of louvers can span 12' Wide and 20' long, and zones can be hooked together to cover the space you desire.

StruXure Outdoor Pergola X PDF brochure

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