Retractable Screens of Montana

Proudly serving Montana since 1996

Service & Maintenance

One of the great things about retractable screens from Retractable Screens of Montana is they need minimal maintenance. As the screens are retracted when not in use, they stay in their housings during wet and cold months.

We would recommend cleaning the screens once or twice a season to eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh. You can clean our retractable screens with mild detergent and water, and gently wipe them off. Also, we recommend cleaning the bottom track of debris regularly and spraying both top and bottom tracks with a dry or greaseless Silicone spray to keep it gliding smooth.

Although they are very durable, accidents do occasionally happen. The mesh can be replaced, and all of the parts can be repaired or replaced.

Just give us a call and we'll make sure the screen is up and running again very quickly.

For service call us at (406) 209-8284 or contact us online.