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Keeping things cool during a Southern summer

Motorized Retractable Screens

The heat of summer in Alabama can sometimes be overwhelming. Locals describe the combination of heat and humidity as “the air you can wear”! But thanks to our Executive motorized screens, the rear porch on this elegant 1920s American Tudor-style home in Mobile has become a restful and cool haven – even in the midst of a sultry Southern summer.

As part of the renovation of the home, sliding glass doors were installed between the family room and the back porch to open the house to the outdoors. The design team chose our screens to let the homeowners enjoy the space during hot spring and summer months – without having to worry about insects or heat.

Screened in porch with Phantom's motorized screens for large openings

Heritage home with a modern heart

Far from just being a renovation the main aim of this project – managed by Lipford Construction – was to create a modern, low-maintenance home that incorporates energy efficient green principles, maintains the original architecture and tackles the needs and demands of today’s homeowners.

The tracks and housings of our screens were recessed into the porch columns, allowing the screens to be fully retracted out of sight when not in use, preserving the architectural integrity of the home.

Screened in porch with Phantom's motorized screens for large openings

Keeping things cool

The designers of the project selected Sheerweave 2360 mesh by Phifer in a charcoal finish from over 30 different types of mesh available for our motorized screens. They chose it because it helps to block the UV rays from entering the screened space, maintaining a cooler temperature within the porch area when the screens are lowered.

Screened in porch with Phantom's motorized screens for large openings

Making the most of home

Danny Lipford, owner of Lipford Construction and executive producer of the nationally syndicated television show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford®, notes: “Quite often homeowners do not realize the full potential of their homes – by installing Phantom’s motorized screens on the back porch we have extended the time homeowners are able to spend outside even during hot Alabama summer months.”

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